Time. It is something many of us wish we had more of. We live in a busy world, and grasp with everything to have enough time for the things that are important. Yet, even when we do the things that are important, how long do we remember them?

In the Old Testament, numerous times you can find God instructing the Israelites to build an altar and to bring their kids back so that future generations would be able to know the miraculous things God had done for them. They had ways of remembering the important things in life.

Confession time: my house is rarely ever perfectly clean. It is by no means a pig pen, but if you ever drop by you might find a basketball in the bathroom sink (true story), a backpack thrown in the corner of the living room, a bike in the middle of the front yard, and possibly, a bike in the living room!

I can say I used to get furious over things like this until I realized that they are stories. A basketball is in the sink because Gman wanted to play ball like his daddy and didn’t know where to put it while he took his shower after practicing. Toys are not just things in the floor. They are remnants of when the kids were happy and playing together. A backpack in the corner? It’s because one of the girls ripped it off, on their way to give their mommy a big hug after school. A bike in the living room? Ok, I am still trying to figure that one out…

I like a clean house. I do, but sometimes it’s the mess that makes me realize the important things. Spending time with my family while they are kids will one day come to an end, and I need altars to remind me of that.


Yeah, it’s part of a mess, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything.