At Baypointe Church, we are devoted to seeing a generation of students who are connected in a life-giving relationship with Jesus, and planted and thriving in the local church. Our desire is to lead students through the same process we are all going through here at BPC…being pastored in small groups and empowered to live out their purpose through the Dream Team of our church.

Hydrate is broken into two separate but important groups that alternate weeks as to when they meet. The first is what is called Hydrate Live. This exciting night is more of a large group experience. It has everything a Sunday morning has, but tailored for their age. Exciting music, fun games, and a relevant teaching are the focal points of this night. On the opposite weeks we have Hydrate Life Group. This small group dynamic is more of an intimate study designed to deepen their relationships with each other and with God. BOTH of these nights are equally important fully equipped with great adult leaders that have a huge heart for teens everywhere.


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It’s an exciting time for the youth of our church!!