When we moved into our new building a few years ago, we knew that we would soon outgrow it. Going to 2 services was an inevitability, and about a month ago we made the move to 2 services. It’s been a good change, as it has given us much needed room in our Sunday experiences. But, as with any change, it has provided us some challenges.

This move has created opportunities to for people to serve in a multitude of positions. From media to BaypointeKIDS, each area has room and we need you. The great thing about having multiple services is the fact you can attend one and serve one! This move has also created space for you to invite your friends and family. Take advantage of this and invite, invite, invite. You never know how God might already be working on them, and all they need is a personal invite.

Baypointe Church is a great church with a great plan from God. As 2016 gets closer, I get more excited about all that is going to happen in the new year. New Lifegroups are launching, a radio station is opening, and our future is going to be amazing. So get plugged in, serve, and watch what God does through you!


Find life…live grace…become hope.