Stories make up life. They are an integral part of every person, and when looking at a story, God is usually found in all the details. Baypointe Church is no different, and it’s story is one only God could have orchestrated. 4 years ago, Pastor Ben Liles was on staff at a church in Tallahassee when he felt that God was doing something different in his heart. It was something bigger than him, and something that only God could pull off. Pastor Ben began to feel the call to plant a church in a city that was totally new to him, a city where he knew no one, but a city that would need the kind of church that he had dreamed of in his heart. Pastor Ben visited several locations until one morning, at 4:30 a.m., he woke up and drove alone to Panama City Beach. It was on this trip, while Pastor Ben searched his heart and prayed for confirmation, that he felt the call to plant on the beach.  This was the city he would plant a church, settle down, and raise his family. As he shared the vision for this city and church, a close friend and confidant, Jeremy Williams, felt called to get behind the vision and help make Baypointe Church a reality.

In 2009, Ben and his family moved to Panama City Beach, and shortly after, Jeremy Williams and his family did as well. They spent close to a year praying, planning, meeting with people, strategizing, and preparing for a launch date of Fall 2010. On August 22, 2010, the dream of Baypointe Church became a reality. The vision that God had given was now more than just a dream, it was a living breathing church ready to bring HOPE to the beach. It was more than just a big day, it was a miracle of God. In just over 2 years, over 300 people have called Baypointe Church home and over 100 have began their journey with Jesus. Baypointe Church continues to be a place where the lost find hope, where marriages are restored, where families become stronger and spiritual journeys grow deeper. BUT, this is just the beginning. We will not simply celebrate the past, but we will always be looking forward to the next part of the story…our story.