Just in case you haven’t heard………………………………


Baypointe Church has a new home! We are so excited to have our own space that we can use everyday and no more setup and tear down! It is an exciting time in our church and God has provided one miracle after another to make it all happen.


It will take a lot of work and finances but with God’s help we are going to happen. Let me give you an update on where we are.


  • The new space is in the Shoppes of Edgewater next to Los Rancheros. It is 4000 square feet with plenty of room for an auditorium and BaypointeKIDS Ministry.
  • It is all ours. No setup or tear down. Myself and Pastor Jeremy will be working from there throughout the week as well as holding Sunday services and any other serviced we may add in the future. It also means that we have the option of restarting Hydrate Student Ministries as soon as leadership is in place!
  • The total build out cost was estimated at $19,000. As with any renovations, plenty of things have changed. Some have been deleted from the budget and other things have been added. We still think we are in that ballpark and as of now we are around $4,000 short of where we need to be. Many of you have given sacrificially towards this number and I can not thank you enough. You are making an eternal difference.


This week and weekend are big as we keep pushing towards completion of some major projects. It does not matter what skill level you have, if you are willing to help, we have stuff for you to do! Here is the schedule for the week:


Thursday – We will be finishing up hanging ceiling joists and some electrical work.

Friday – Finishing electrical work and start insulation.

Saturday – Start time 10AM right after setup. Finish Insulation and begin hanging sheet rock.

Sunday – Start time 9AM. Since 5th Sundays are normally days we do not have service and do Serve Bay Sunday, we will not be having service but instead asking everyone to come to the new facility to work. We will be hanging sheetrock and it will be all hands on deck. Childcare will be provided from 9-1 at the school for those who need it. We will need some people to be at the school doing organizational work (closets, storage, etc) and others to be at the new facility hanging sheet rock.


We need as many people as you can. If you can be there Thursday or Friday you can call or text me at 850-443-0994 and I will give you times.


This is an exciting time for our church so get involved and lets do this!