m214300986Yesterday at Baypointe Church, Brenda and I sat in front of our church and team taught on the struggles of marriage. We talked about the high moments of getting married and happy times to the lowest of lows last year including our separation that almost ended our marriage. (Yes, for those of you who didn’t know, you read that correctly.) If you want to hear the story, in just a few days it will be posted on the website and you can watch it there, but that’s not the point.

What I have thought numerous times is one major thought, “what would change if the average church attender really knew all the pain in the lives of those sitting around them?” How would we respond? Would the normal pre and post church service chit chat change? What if we really knew?

As a pastor, I normally know a bulk of the pain but even I don’t know what is going on in everyone’s life. That is simply impossible, and that is the reason I pray for people and their unknown to me needs. It is also one of the reasons I am so proud of BPC. I have personally felt and seen compassion pouring out of so many that call Baypointe home.

Here’s my challenge to you: Each time you interact with someone, always remember you might not know what they are going through. You might not know their pain. You might not know they are silently crying out for someone to just be there for them. Be there. Be present. It might happen this Sunday….


Finding life…living grace…becoming hope.