We are another week closer to our new facility and this is an exciting time in our church! I know that many of you are tired, and exhausted even, but we are in the huge home stretch and together we can make this happen. Our own home, our own place of ministry, and a place grow numerically and in depth with Christ is not far off. We all have to push through and watch what God does!


What is left to do:

  • Paint. Paint. More paint. We did get some of it finished on Saturday but we still have a ton to go. However, if we can get 10-15 people there on this Wednesday’s workday we can get everything finished. Yes, everything.
  • Once painting is complete we have to install flooring. We are doing a laminate type flooring in the foyer and carpet in all BaypointeKIDS areas, hallway, and auditorium.
  • Once flooring is complete, it’s cleaning, finishing some décor, installation of sound system, lights, media, etc.


With all of this complete, we will have completed phase one and we can move in. After we move in, we will begin phase two which are things like tv installation, signage, baseboards, etc.


After phase two is complete we will begin a large marketing campaign and prepare for a grand opening to the public. Obviously some people will begin to come once we get in, but the grand opening campaign will bring a ton more.


Schedule for this week:

  • Wednesday night we will begin at 5 and go until around 8. Painting is the focus. We have tools but if you want to bring your own, that would be a great idea.
  • Saturday, we will do setup at the school at 8AM then the work day will begin at the new facility at 9AM.



It’s going to be a busy but great week. We need everyone possible so if you can be at either or both of these days we need you!


Find life…live grace…become hope.