There are moments in ministry that I have just stepped back and been in total unexplainable awe at God working. The process of getting this new facility has been one of those moments.

From the space being able to be ours, to the amount of finances raised, to the countless volunteers that keep showing up at every work day or work night and sacrificially work. I fully understand that it is tiring, exhausting even, but we have a purpose that will be the catalyst to keep us going. We are not just building another building, but rather a place of hope. Hope to find new life, hope to grow deeper with Christ, hope to see others find Jesus. What we are doing has eternal rewards for people that we haven’t even met yet. That gets me fired up and ready to keep pushing through!!

However, we still have a ways to go and we need you. I know many of you have been there and I am asking to keep showing up. Keep pushing. Keep praying. Keep giving. Keep serving. We have a huge future and God is using us to change the world!


Find life…live grace…become hope.






Saturday Workday Schedule:


8:00AM Setup at the school.

9:00AM Work day at the new facility. 531 R Jackson BLVD


Projects for the Day:

  • Finish minor sheetrock mudding.
  • Clean up trash
  • BEGIN PAINTING!!! If you have rollers, extension poles, roller covers, etc, please bring them and we will get this knocked out! We are going to begin painting the foyer, hallway, and some of the kids areas. I know many of you have been waiting anxiously to paint, and now it’s time.



See you Saturday!