Living Panoramically

My Church Is Changing, What Should I Do?

Change. Transition. Releasing the old.   All these things are very uncomfortable for most. We like our routines, schedules, and familiar things. Getting us outside of what we consider normal is often a major cause of stress, so what happens when it takes place in the church? How do we handle it? Recently, our church […]

Dark Secret of Pastors

Heath workers. Law Enforcement Officers Pastors Real Estate Agents     To some, this may look like a list of jobs that a kid might say they want to be when they grow up. To others it might look like a list of jobs they would never want to take. The reality of this list? […]

The Pains of A Pastor

My wife made a very heartfelt and bold statement on Facebook about the hurts of being a pastor/pastor’s wife. You can read it here. Since then, I have had texts, messages, and calls showering us with love and encouragement. I can never say thank you enough. Being a pastor is a tough gig, but I […]


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